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Case Histories

Case History I
Recently, Capital Transportation Services completed the installation of our "Transportation Cost Management" program for the leading manufacturer of drilling and anchoring systems in North America. This manufacturer is now able to enjoy significant savings on freight costs and improved accounting productivity. CTS manages all LTL transportation for this 200 million dollar manufacturer and distributor. Utilizing our Transportation Cost Management process, we developed the best cost/service routing options for all inbound and outbound products for three distribution centers and 28 shipping locations throughout the United States. CTS serves as a single source for all of their facilities regarding costing, routing, expediting, claims processing and other transportation activities. CTS provides monthly quality measurements to our customer for all of it's facilities. We report on service, cost and claims activity by location. Our logistics coordinator works with the distribution and manufacturing channels to constantly search for potential improvements in the quality process to assure that any given product is being delivered complete, on time and intact.

Case History II
A freight bill audit was performed for a multiple location candy manufacturer. The first thing that was determined was that although they had decent discount programs in place, they did not always use the lowest cost carriers. The next thing we noticed was that they had many carriers in place for similar shipping lanes. This company had discount programs with over 50 carriers. It was determined by CTS that spreading their product amongst so many carriers severely reduced their buying power. CTS was able to reduce the number of program carriers to twelve while still providing back up carriers in all lanes. Because of this reduction in carriers, and combining the clients volumes with other CTS clients, we were able to reduce their transportation costs by over 20%. Administrative costs were also greatly reduced through our freight bill audit and payment program.

Case History III
A large company dealing in printed materials contracted with CTS to assist their traffic department in negotiating rates with ground and air carriers. Once again combining the Client's products with other CTS customers, we were able to reduce their overall transportation expenditures by over 18%. This resulted in a savings to the customer of over $250,000.00 in the first year of the program. Additional savings were identified by asking why the client used what we considered to be an excess of second day and economy air shipments. The client stated that they wanted to be sure their major accounts were receiving their product in a timely manner. CTS provided rating and routing software to the client, which showed how to move product by ground, in a more economical fashion, and still receive the service they were getting by using air.

Case History IV
A young business that was starting to experience rapid growth in demand for their products began using CTS to route their shipments for them. This was done with CTS rates and contracts and was basically handled by telephone from the client to CTS whenever they had product to ship. Over the course of the next three years, this company went through a phenomenal growth spurt and became a very large distributor. As they were comfortable with the way CTS handled their account when they were small and then through their growth periods, they saw no need to install a large traffic department. Instead, CTS installed systems and technology in the customers facility on an as needed basis which allowed them to focus on their core business and not have to worry about getting their products delivered. CTS was also able to provide additional warehouse space for this client and has instituted a full freight bill audit and payment program.

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